Confessions of a Valor Alumna

From 2011 to 2020, I was caught up in a blend of two movements: the Word of Faith and the New Apostolic Reformation. I grew up with a Methodist (before they went woke), Baptist, Non-Denominational background. Unfortunately, I didn’t read my Bible as much as I should have and I wasn’t an active member of a local church consistently growing up.

I don’t think this made me any less saved or that I was ever a false convert. I genuinely believe I was in a wandering season, somewhat of a prodigal daughter. Maybe more like a confused Israelite mixing false worship with the real thing. Both positions are no place to be, but I sincerely believe God was patiently waiting for my repentance from heresy (unbiblical beliefs about God) and heterodoxy (somewhat wrong but not quite right ideas about God).

During this time, I joined an Assemblies of God church, which is Pentecostal but truthfully I have my doubts about that denomination. And it was when I was on a worship team, at the AOG church, I heard about Jesus Culture and Bethel Music. Those bands were the gateway for me to embrace NAR beliefs. This also led to WOF beliefs I doubted to trust (probably because the Holy Spirit was trying to warn me) becoming part of my theology and I fully embraced those heretical views too.

In 2015, I attended Valor Christian College founded by Rod Parsley. Make no mistake, though the man can give a decent salvation message and I believe some people heard the Gospel from him and became saved through the regenerative work of the Holy Spirit, Rod Parsley should not be anyone’s pastor.

I graduated in 2018, and although I had one of the darkest moments in my life there, I planned to stick around! Thankfully, they decided to not keep me on as an employee, which I respect, I wasn’t that effective toward the end of my tenure. But based on my twisted theology at the time, I was devasted and broken. Convinced I let God down.

But then, right before the Pandemic, I heard a heretic Andrew Wommack teach on the “Fear of the Lord” and that changed everything for me. I discovered WOF and NAR weren’t restored revelation or secret revelation to expand God’s Kingdom and the secret to pleasing God; I learned they were heretical offshoots of Christianity.

I repented from my wayward belief system and I’ve been cleaning up my theology ever since.

In late 2020, I had an interview with Doreen Virtue about my time at Rod Parsley’s Bible College and my involvement in his TV Ministry.

Then I produced my own video series accompanied by a few articles about Rod Parsley being a heretic and the spiritual abuse that goes on there. Now, when the series came out, my conduct on social media was terrible. I desperately wanted to save those I loved who still believe Rod Parsley is a good pastor to stay connected to, and I made some poor choices not heeding scripture about my conduct. At the time, I wasn’t in a church and I didn’t have anyone other than family that could have pulled me aside to correct my course. Though I was hurtful to some folks, I hope they can forgive me and for those who hurt me, I have forgiven every person.

It is hard to take that leap of faith and abandon your belief system and pursue truth. I’m so grateful to God that I didn’t fully deconstruct like many evangelicals are doing and either become a Progressive Christian or Atheist. I almost became Reformed, but I decided their view on Predestination in terms of how it impacts Salvation was a little too self-absorbed for my tastes. And leaving WOF and NAR, I want to get away from self-absorption as best as possible. Fortunately, the TULIP debate over Salvation is a secondary issue, not a reason to be divided in fellowship and in worship. I agree with Provisionism, but for me, the jury is still out on whether or not that philosophical theological viewpoint can hold its water.

If you’re on this page on RMC, you want to digest all I had to say about Rod Parsley. And for anyone who may be on this page and think Rod Parsley is not in the wrong, I have to think you’re curious at least. Maybe you wonder why people behave the way they do at WHC and Valor and claim to be Christians. Maybe you were in service and prophecized over and you still struggle with the same sin the “Word from God” said you were free from in that service. Maybe you struggle to reconcile what see you see in leadership with what the Bible says about leadership. If you have questioned those things and more, you are in the right place.

And for a number of reasons, I can’t share the “dirt” I have on Rod Parsley. But I can confidently tell you he is a false teacher as the Bible outlines. He just wants your money and He is guilty of living a lifestyle a pastor should not live. But his teaching alone is all the proof you need to not follow his ministry and to get out.

Pray for Rod Parsley and everyone connected to him to get free, repent, and follow Jesus on a better path.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me. I’ll do my best to respond in a timely fashion.

Below are the links to the entire series:

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A video discussing the false doctrine at WHC and Valor.

An article about the importance of forgiveness.

A video on why not to submit to a spiritually abusive authority.

A short 2-minute read listing why Rod Parsley is a heretic.

The last video and installment, in the series about the importance of fearing God.

Thank you for reading and listening to what I had to say.

I pray and hope this is a resource for anyone looking for information on why not to follow a heretic or to support their ministry. Rod Parsley is just one example.

Best regards,

Brianna Monique Williams | Founder & CEO of RMC