COAVA 5 – Is Rod Parsley Really a Heretic?

Rod Parsley has called out heretics back in the day, like Benny Hinn. Yet, he has acted as if he never did and has invited him on numerous occasions to grace the platform of World Harvest Church.

Parsley can preach the house down with a biblical salvation message, yet he ruins Resurrection Sunday by conning people into paying his ministry thousands! Claiming God wants to bless people financially or God will physically heal folks for their financial seed of faith.

Here are 3 reasons not to listen to Rod Parsley:

1 ) He talks in circles.

The man is an eloquent speaker. He boasts about how he could have been a statesman or a lawyer, so he literally coins himself as a man that can deliver a good-sounding message and be persuasive. However, he gets really deep when he talks about a subject, and he goes around and around one subject in a sermon series to where he essentially says the same thing but in a bunch of different ways.

2 ) He perverts the Gospel.

Yes, he can tell someone scripturally what it means to be saved, and it gets done. Yet, before his sermon, right after worship, he takes up an offering, and either himself or one of his yes-men twists scripture to make you believe only God blesses those who give money to the church. Then he does Resurrection Seed, where he uses Christ’s victory on the cross as a crowdfunding campaign for the ministry. Telling the church that God will pour out a special blessing when you give money to the church during Easter. He also holds a “prayer cloth” service where he literally has people convinced God anointed him in such a way that when touches little clothes of cheap fabric- healing power flows from him to the cloth- and if you have enough faith, that little anointed cloth will heal you or your loved one.

3 ) He preaches themed messages, again and again, just updating them with the times.

He doesn’t say anything new. And, that should be a good thing! God’s Word never changes, and it is not added to or subtracted from. Go ahead and reteach a biblical message as often as you want, but he re-preaches special messages filled with heresy over and over.

There’s a long list I could make talking about why Parsley teaches heresy, but I think this is sufficient.

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