Reverential Media Company

Established on 14 FEB 2022.

A multi-media company (S-Corp) determined to engage, entertain, and educate audiences of all ages through film, books, comics, podcasts, and social media.

Though Reverential Media Company creates content through a Judeo-Christian lens, the company is not a ministry nor a nonprofit organization. Therefore, RMC provides products, services, and subscriptions for anyone who wants entertainment without compromising faith.

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The first book series from RMC comes out in December 2023.


Launched in AUG 2017. The goal was to spread the message of Jesus through engaging fictional stories. With the occasional article connected to faith. Later, videos were created to engage the public regarding faith in Jesus Christ.

The blog will continue with an emphasis on faith. The stories will end but future stories will be available to purchase through books and subscription options.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoy what you discover!

Much love,

Brianna Monique Williams,