What is “devoted.” all about?

On the static homepage, you see a banner that reads: “devoted. TO JESUS AND A BIBLICAL WORLDVIEW.”

It seems random, right?

Well, I’ve decided to finally get more serious about vlogging/podcasting and that’s the name of it folks!

Now, how will it all work?

I don’t have the freedom to make content like that available weekly at the moment, but content over consistency might be my meal ticket.

I’ve literally been wanting to do this for over a year, maybe two years now. Except, a lot was stopping me because I couldn’t figure out what exactly I wanted to do.

I didn’t want to become a “Heresy Hunter”. I didn’t want to be a Christian E-News and share my two cents about Christian celebrities and current events. I’m not the type to be a Cultish podcast or like the Sheologians.

I love film, tv shows, and books made into movies and TV Shows. I’m an actress. I work in retail currently, but I’ve been thinking about what I could possibly offer as a vlogger/podcaster that is uniquely me that would be worth sharing with the world. The type of thing that would keep people coming back and grow the platform to reach more people.

I’m still sort of at a loss.

Here is why… I’m a recovering prideful, vain person and frankly, I don’t want to be devoured by the fame monster. Granted, I’m possibly full of it right now to think I could become famous over vlogging, but time will tell… lol…

I genuinely want to do something that will enrich people’s lives, if that’s entertainment that would be the dream.

So, as the title implies I’m just going to talk about living life to honor God and to live by the Bible. That may include talking about heresy, celebrities, or something random and occasionally I’m just going to give you a slice of entertainment. Hopefully, in time I can generate revenue to quit my day job and be a creative full-time.

And of course, I couldn’t do any of this, without your support. So thank you, for reading the blog all these years, Hopefully, I continue to provide the content you enjoy.

What do you think of this opener for the program?

Seriously, what do you think of the opener?

Starting in June, once a week, enjoy an all-new episode to be enjoyed on video platforms and podcast platforms. There will be so many episodes a season, given my plate is pretty full and I am currently a one-woman team, but hopefully, things change in the future and I can expand.

In the meantime, I’m launching merch inspired by the program to help cover production costs and to help pay for projects. Details of such projects, I will share, as time passes by, but for now, search the merch and buy what you like!


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