#ThrowBackThursday – Jesus Stories

Remember that time I had a podcast about encountering Jesus?

Sounds real wiggy, huh? If it sounds like I’m on fire for Jesus, well um, definitely stick around.

Today there’s actually a NEW EPISODE but as the title implies, it will be the last one ever recorded for the podcast.

No, I’m not done podcasting, I’m just done with that one!

There are multiple reasons, many of which I discuss in this final segment for the program.

If you were a fan, thank you, for listening. If you never heard of the podcast, you really haven’t missed much.

Paige Harp, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry– please forgive me. [I talk about this apology on the show posted today, but let’s just say I had an FB moment that was like Will Smith slapping Chris Rock… no I didn’t like hit anyone, but I made a really BIG DEAL out of nothing and I put a guest on my show in the crossfire. It was immature and maybe a little narcissistic-like. Not again. And if you’re like, “WHOA! I really had no idea Brianna was like that,” and you want to unfollow now, I can assure you the fool’s school taught me the lesson it needed to teach me. I got no plans to repeat it. Pray the Lord helps me keep the lesson learned if you catch my drift.]

I lay out all the reasons why the podcast must end, but fear not, my voice will still be out there in the sound waves.

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