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“Grace Girls” was originally named “Girls of Grace”.

I got the idea when I was in college.

There was a heartbreaking story in the news and I wondered how would a young Christian woman respond in that situation?

I think it started out as a pretty unique concept, but the longer I sat on it, the more it morphed into something else and was heavily influenced by people and things around me.

I don’t want to give too much away. I want to save the bulk of what happens for the actual story, but I feel I can talk about enough to spark your interest.

Back when I was going to community college, in the city where I grew up, the gut-wrenching story that made the news, was of a young woman being raped by her taxi cab driver directly on the main university campus. The cab driver wasn’t caught when the story broke because she didn’t use the company dispatcher to call for the cab, she called the cab driver directly on his cellphone.

In that day, I was fresh in my fervor and serious commitment for the Lord, and I would wrestle with tough subjects like that. I would wonder how people would reconcile their faith after facing such a hard trial in life.

My whole life, watching TV and movies, when terrible, awful things happened it was the reason to not believe in a good God anymore.

But that line of thinking, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” is faulty. Jesus said no man is good but God. God is so holy, so just, and so everything we are not in nature and essence that no one could be His definition and embodiment of good. Therefore, when someone chooses not to believe in God when a bad, tragic event happens to them, is them having a false sense of what “good” really means in the eyes of God. No human is good. Only God is good (Mark 10:18).

Now, that doesn’t mean humans can’t experience good things or do good things, but just because some people are capable of doing good things better than others doesn’t make them exempt from the human condition of sin.

And let’s not forget to acknowledge, God is good and His creation still sinned against in the Garden of Eden by eating from a tree (Genesis 3) He specifically told man not to eat from… Being good or having good qualities or doing good things is not a pre-requisite to escape hardships.

Now, if you saw the social media posts about this article, I promised three things, here they are as follows:

1) Who inspired the characters of “Grace Girls”?

My friends I had at the time. God really blessed me with some amazing ones. Now, I add attributes to the characters that are NOTHING like my friends. I have events occur that never happened to them in real life. It was through these minor changes that completely made the characters their own.

Now the shining star character, people think is modeled after myself, and that wasn’t my intent. The star of the story was inspired by some girl in my college church group that my newly made friends at the time knew better than I. The only thing in common between me and the character was that we were both actresses, that is it!

But who knows, maybe I used her as a vehicle to test how I would face a devastating, and violating trial such as rape. And no, by no means do I sit around and picture that happening to myself. How would I wrestle with the hatred, the unforgiveness, the sense of shame and guilt, the grief, the depression– all of the trauma?

2) What was my biggest challenge to be original?

Having an entirely unique story was the toughest part. There was a direction I kept wanting to go with the story, and I eventually watched a movie that covered all the areas I wanted to explore. The trippiest part was that the movie was based on a true story. The movie was Loving the Bad Man with Stephen Baldwin in it. I know he isn’t a popular actor and well, not too long ago he was caught in a scandal for being adulterous. The movie was cheaply produced and had terrible acting. But the story was encouraging to watch. If you can handle the typical “Powerful Message” Christian Film, give it a try.

Also, I took forever to write to the story, therefore, I was constantly changing something. I also started rewriting it bunch of times before I finished a version. There’s another version I like more of the story, but I never finished it, so you won’t be reading that one.

In the end, I had to come to terms there is nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9), and only I could tell this story how I would share it.

3) Why was I compelled to write this story?

Ephesians 4:7 talks about faith being a free gift from God. Faith isn’t earned, it’s given. Meaning believing in Jesus and then living our lives like we trust in Him is enough. What we do will never make God love us more. We do what God wills for our lives and what He desires us to do, because we love Him and we value and appreciate what He has done for us by forgiving us of our sins and taking the punishment for those sins for us.

And the characters wrestle from start to finish to embrace the gift of faith through the grace of God.

Now, my theology was a little off when I finished the story, but my theology was fairly sound when I started. I was attending a strong biblical church because of my friends at the time.

I’ve decided not to edit the parts that may be “bad doctrine” because there are people who really love the Lord but don’t follow Him on a fully biblical basis, but by the grace of God, if they really belong to Him, they will find the truth. If I ever continue the story of these gals, I will of course fix the doctrine over time in the storyline.

But overall, I really wanted to paint a portrait of genuine faith, with people of different backgrounds, and show what real faith looks like in the midst of trials. Another name I was thinking of naming the series/story was “Grace Trials”.


Grace Girls is about three young women fresh out of high school, learning to adult, by clinging to their faith in a world that plagues them with reasons to give up and dessert God.

You will meet the characters next week!

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