The Future of Jude Priestly

Honestly, I’m up in the air about this episodic series.

I love to write it. As a Christian artist I push the limits with it for sure, but am I venturing into murky territory?

Is it okay to take a character from the Bible and make a modernization of them?

Honestly, I wouldn’t risk making Jesus relatable in our modern understanding of things. The Jesus of scripture is timeless. The Gospel was for anyone about 2000 years ago and it STILL is for anyone today thousands of years later.

There are fictional works out there with angels and demons, a lot aren’t even written by Christians in a biblical context.

If you’re not familiar with Jude Priestly Journals, that is the series where I created a family of modern-day Samsons that battle the supernatural forces of darkness.

Vampires and werewolves aren’t real, correct? And aren’t they demonic?

Well, um, I replaced them with different types of witches… yeah, I know…

If you know me, I’m against Harry Potter because of the witchcraft. Does this mean I’m now a hypocrite?

Well, though I got a little too graphic for some folks comfort at times, and I dabbled with the dark-side a bit, my rule was to never glorify the darkness but to glorify Jesus. Make the wicked look bad and ugly and truthfully depict it for the enslavement it is, and reveal how wonderful and majestic Jesus truly is. I wanted a series showing there is no darkness that can extinguish the light (John 1:5 NLT).

But when I wrote entries I still haven’t posted to this day, I shared some truths about witchcraft breaking my own original rule. In the beginning, I never wanted anything factual about witchcraft in the story and as far as rituals go that remains to be true, even in the unpublished content. But I share the history of some witchcraft origins, all stuff I learned from the podcast Cultish and through Good Fight Ministries.

This series is important to me because I launched it weeks after my father died. And he was not a believer. As a kid, before I took my walk with Jesus seriously, I watched Charmed with him, and vampire and werewolf movies, and we talked about secular supernatural things. I wanted a way to hold a candle to those fond times I had with him but without compromising my faith.

I didn’t refrain from publishing the darker chapters because of my conscience alone. It was partially financial. I pay for editors to make my work dazzle for you readers, and at the time my extra funds had dried up. I have yet to yield a profit from writing, and whether I ever do or not, I simply want to make Jesus known through it. (Not gonna lie, I would love to make a living off a writing hustle, but if I’m being honest I haven’t put in the work to make that happen. LOL!)

But lately, I’ve been thinking and I don’t want to publish more in this series if I can’t honor God in it, if I can’t respect scripture, if I can’t truthfully share the Gospel with it, and if I would tempt any former occultist or witch or new ager to go back to pagan practices. There are other ways I can honor my father’s memory.

Clearly, I shared all my thoughts on this, because if you are a “Jude Priestly Journals” fan, its future hangs in the balance of my conscience and my desire to serve God. Fellow saints, I would like prayer. And if you’re not a believer (Christian) and you like the series, please let me know in the comments why you like the series or you can email me at Even Christians can reach out to me and share your thoughts on whether or not God is revered in this series. I just ask you be respectful and gentle in your words, I’m a soft artist.

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If by some small chance you don’t really believe in Jesus or maybe you don’t believe God’s Word, the Bible, is 100% true. As someone who grew up in a mostly Christian household, believed the Gospel as best as I could at 5 years old, experienced gender dysphoria and same-sex attraction and got delivered, AND as someone who got saved from heretical Christianity during the pandemic, I can assure you God is faithful! He isn’t hard to find if you genuinely seek Him, He wants to be found! And He isn’t lost, just humanity without Him. Even if you’re the nicest person, all humans at birth are spiritually dead, which means we are sinners. Sin is a fancy word for being disconnected from God and missing the goals God planned for humanity.

So, basically, if you’re not a professing-Christian that believes in the Jesus of the Bible as the incarnate God, Jesus as the Savior of the World in the fact that He died on the cross to pay for our sins and make us righteous (reconnect us) with God the Father. Then you need whatever help you can get to believe this to be true so that you don’t stay spiritually dead and then experience a second death and end up in hell, a place of terrible separation from God and eternal torment. In the end, when Jesus comes back and remakes the heavens and the earth and sets up God’s throne on the earth, if you don’t get a new resurrected body for eternal life, you will get a resurrected body to withstand the lake of fire forever…

I know, it sounds like a work of fiction, but it isn’t. God spoke it through prophets and apostles through the Holy Spirit over thousands of years. For the same story to be told from the beginning to end, through various different authors over that much time, could only mean God wrote it. Like Jehovah Witnesses Leaders and Mormon Prophets change their false word throughout time. The narrative keeps changing to fit with the times, but God’s Word has remained the same. The method of how to worship God has changed a bit, but the purpose and the reason and the goal never has, and the method hasn’t changed the narrative but simply just fulfilled what God was trying to achieve from the beginning and speaks to what He will do when this life as we know it ends.

Google the Gospel of John, start reading it. Read up to Chapter 4, and if you’re confused about why Jesus came or you no longer want to consider giving your life to Christ, I respect your free will. But please, don’t let how a professing-Christian hurt you, stop you from getting to know Jesus. Please, don’t let how you identify harden your heart and make you believe the lie that God doesn’t love you (Jesus died for you to be free from that identity that torments you). And please, don’t rely on non-Christian sources to tell you what to think about God and Christians in general. You only get one life! It’s a pretty big gamble to hear that there is only one path that leads to eternal life and reject it simply because it doesn’t seem appealing to you.

Take it from a Christian. It’s not easy to live for Christ, but Jesus Christ is everything to me and I have no regrets. I have wandered and I’ve gone down some crooked roads, but His Spirit keeps drawing me back to Him and when I’m graced to see the error of my ways, I humbly ask for the Lord’s forgiveness and I choose to follow Him. I’ve missed out on dating someone I truly loved, I’ve lost friends, I have suffered extreme poverty and I have been blessed by American-middle-classism. All I want is Jesus. And I can’t say I want to die for Christ Jesus, but I would be willing to if it came to that.

I have peace. I have assurance that I have eternal life in Christ Jesus. You can have this too, if you want it. Life won’t be any easier necessarily, but life will be worth it. And that meaning and purpose you seek to get out of life, well Jesus will give you meaning and He will give you purpose.

Many are called but few are chosen (Matthew 22:14), and that doesn’t mean God determined who gets elected by Him. It simply means many hear the good news, but few believe it, because when you humbly believe it, acknowledge you’re a sinner, you become the chosen when God’s Spirit regenerates your spirit and makes you a born-again (John Chapter 3 talks about this).

[Here’s a song I wrote inspired by Matthew 22:14 in case music is more your speed than words. Imagine the song featured in a musical, not on the radio, lol!]

Now, if you’re a fellow saint and you know all this, pray that more hear this and believe this too. And don’t forget to do frequent heart-check-ups. Is your faith fruitful, are you producing good works? No, good deeds don’t save you, but if you love the Lord for the Lord does your life look like it? Can strangers see you or hear in some way you love the Lord?

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