Tell Zach and Yvonne About Elle

I’m a big dreamer.

That being said, I can be quite the daydreamer too.

Every celebrity or big name I’ve ever met, I’ve never been starstruck though. Why we idolize artists for simply being outstanding at their craft or people with money, I have no idea?!

Okay, maybe I get why we idolize celebrity folk. Some form of art they performed or created did something amazing for us. Like a TV Show got us through a bout of depression. A movie helped us follow a long-desired dream. A celebrity, using their platform to bring awareness about a tough issue made us join the cause.

As believers in Christ it’s sort of big no-no to have idols, yet we’re all guilty of it. At some point, whether before we came to Christ or even being in Christ, we place something or someone before Him and it’s terrible! Praise God there’s the ability to repent, grace to cover our mistake, and the hope that one day the Lord will transform us enough to never have the same idol again, or any idols ever again.

CHUCK came out when I was in high school and lasted through my stink at community college.

I remember when the TV Series was on the potential shopping block at NBC. I literally prayed for the network to hear fans and let the creators be able to plan an ending and go out with a completed story.

Did the Lord answer my prayer? I will choose not to comment toward that. (FYI, I prayed for FRINGE, the VILLAGE, the OC, OTH, and many other shows and the prayers did not seem to be answered… so… I think this is equivalent to someone praying for their sports team to win. Oops, I totally commented about this…)

I won’t spoil anything for you if you’ve never watched the show, but I will say this, the very last episode complimented the very first episode SO WELL, to this day I’ve never seen such a thoughtful ending to a show that embodied everything what the two main characters were about. If you’re a hopeless romantic, you’ll eat the ending up.

Now, I’m a typical American, I have an unhealthy obsession with spies. I love spy shows, spy movies, I even subscribe to a podcast about former spies talking about their missions.

What I loved about CHUCK is that the show provided all the elements of espionage without any of the gore and grit of more realistic shows and movies. Plus, it was comedic!

What I disliked about the show was exploiting “hot girls” and the cliché narrative of the nerd-boy landing the hot-girl. And of course, all the sexual connotations. But I represented a small portion of the fan base, majority of the fan base loved all that stuff.

How did CHUCK inspire my fanfic series ELLE?

Well, this part may be a spoiler. Just a teeny bit. I wanted to know more, about what happened to Chuck and Sarah beyond the Series Finale. As a writer myself, I started picturing what life after the timeline of CHUCK would look like. I also started thinking about what would happen to America if Democrats and Conservatives started Civil War 2, and wha-la I got my idea for ELLE around 2014.

In 2018, I released a version of ELLE on my blog as a #StorySunday series and it was a little different. Milo was a baby at the start of series. Mara was his surrogate, but due some gnarly circumstances Elle ended up living in the DCA (Democratic Coalition of America) posing as Milo’s teen mom. I got 3 installments in when I abandoned the project.

That’s why the promos for the series is ELLE REMIXED because it rolled off the tongue cooler than- ELLE REVISED.

I have this dream that one of the cast members of the show, especially either Zachary or Yvonne, finding out about the series and giving the series a shout out on social media. Or the creators will find out about the series and like be inspired to fight for some studio to let them make a CHUCK MOVIE. I feel like a CHUCK MOVIE would be perfect for Peacock or Amazon, and we could all learn where the creators of the show envisioned Chuck and all the characters after the timeline of the TV Show to be.

I still think a movie ought to happen, even if my dream never comes true.

Respectively, Levi and Strahovski have built careers that don’t need to do a TV-movie. Like Strahovski, if she makes some wise moves in the next five years, could go on to be a great film actress. She’s done films. She’s apparently doing an amazing job in HULU’S HANDMAID’S TALE recently getting an award nomination for her performance in the latest season. (Yes, I’ve watched the first season and she is fantastic in it, however, I can’t continue to watch the show because of how anti-Jesus it is in nature and the adult-content is too graphic for my cup of tea.) I loved Levi in SHAZAM and though I hope he continues to play such an awesome character, I might not watch it… The first one addressed some dark things I just don’t want to fill my mind with, based on a world building concept that doesn’t openly acknowledge God but is happy to promote magic… No thank you.

Tomorrow, ELLE REMIXED – 10 rolls out and I hope you check it out. I revamped this series to be a filler on my blog while I worked on something bigger and it turned out to be one of main projects for the blog.

Thank you for stopping by. If you’re a fan of the CHUCK TV SERIES, I want to connect with you, let me know in the comments here or on Instagram or FB, let me know!

Below is what I wrote initially inspired by CHUCK:

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