Photography, music, and film are the many media formats used for this project.

Skyscapes is a project reflecting on someone in a prideful state as they face mental health challenges but not forsaking holding fast to the faith. This project explores reaching a bleak state and being forced into humility to get the necessary help for better mental health.

Too many people today suffer from mental health-related issues, and everyone is having conversations about it, yet it doesn’t seem to lead to lasting resolutions.

Christians have eternal hope in our Savior, Christ Jesus. Yet, that doesn’t make us exempt from enduring mental, emotional, and physical battles.

Getting professional help for any physical or mental ailment is important. This project isn’t propaganda to quit or abstain from professional help. This project aims to serve as a reminder to not forget about Christ in the midst of mental health struggles.

If you’ve seen a video online about how you can get involved to support making this project come to fruition, this is the place to lend that support.

For this project to be accomplished, funds of $3,500 are needed.

This budget was tailored dollar-for-dollar to account for taxes, paying for cast and crew, buying wardrobe, props, and makeup, paying for equipment, and covering travel, food, and lodging expenses.

Every dollar given will not be wasted.

Ways to Support

  1. Prayer is probably the best way someone can help. Pray that everything comes together to get this project done.
  2. Another way to help this endeavor is through financial support. All the ways to give are listed below.
  3. However, if you’re still unable to offer financial support, you can share the video or post that brought you here, so maybe someone you know may want to help this project soar!

Become a Skyscapes Helper

Give any amount today under $60. Helpers will be credited for their support in the closing credits of the short film.

Become a Skyscapes Advocate

Give $60. Advocates will be credited for their support in the closing credits of the short film, along with receiving a free photobook of amazing desert skyscapes and scenery. All the photos will be taken by Tucsonan photographers in the Sonoran Desert.

Become a Skyscapes Ally

Give $80. Allies will be credited with their support in the closing credits of the short film, along with receiving a free photobook of Sonoran Desert skyscapes and scenery: featuring photos taken by Tucsonan photographers. Allies will also receive a free skyscapes t-shirt.

Become a Skyscapes Friend

Give $100 or more. Friends will receive producer credits for the short film, which means their names will be featured at the beginning and the end of the film. Friends will also get a free skyscapes and scenery photobook, a free skyscapes t-shirt, 25% off skyscapes merch, and 15% off RMC’s first project when purchasing the complete set (more details to come out later).

If 140 supports were able to give $25 dollars, the entire Skyscapes budget would be met. Once the goal of $3,500 is met, the only necessary way to lend help will be through continued prayer and bringing awareness on social media.

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Helper (Choose any amount under $60)


Your support is greatly appreciated.

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