Should Christians…? *NEW SERIES*

Hey everyone…

Paul encouraged the church in Phillipi to “shine like stars”, meaning to share the light of Christ in a dark world.

The days of humanity, after the fall, have always been dark. It was and it is God, calling and making a people for Himself, that brings the light of truth we need in the world.

Now, more than ever, the people of God need to represent God and do it well. Our service to God isn’t for our salvation, it is simply a result of our salvation, along with the revelation of the God who loves through scripture and His spirit in us.

A lot of people get confused by this and that is where silly debates come about whether or not someone can lose their salvation. And we could talk about this topic too, but for this series, we most likely won’t.

I can’t speak for the rest of the world, but here in America, we’re on the verge of political and societal change. More wrong moves in the wrong direction and the land of the free will be history.

There is this new wave of conservatism, spear-headed by Christians, and now there are more Christians out there boycotting companies to stand up for what they believe.

In terms of holidays, if they’re all influenced by paganism, should we celebrate them?

Is it okay to send our kids to public school, when they teach dangerous ideologies?

Now, I’m no expert. I’m a regular believer like everyone else but I’ve wrestled with some of these questions. I’m ready to dive in with my two cents. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to approach these topics and hopefully, leave you with some navigation to decide how you should approach these issues.

First and foremost, let’s remember- we are citizens of God’s Kingdom first, and secondly, citizens to whichever nation we were born into or became legal citizens of through immigration. I think if we approach every topic with the intention of honoring God first, that will be a step in the right direction.

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If you don’t believe in Jesus but you’re exploring Christianity, I’ll be upfront with you: Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father but through Jesus. Be bold enough to pray and ask if the God of the Bible is true, those who seek God will find Him. He wants to be found by you! He sent His son, He gave His spirit, and His word, and His people literally live to spread the GOOD NEWS that Jesus is the DOOR for SALVATION. There is nothing you have to do to be saved, you only need to believe in Jesus Christ of the Bible! If you believe in Jesus then you believe you’re a sinner bound for hell until you realize Jesus, in His humanity, died to save you from that. Taking on the punishment for your sins. If you’re not sure what sin is, it is a nasty thing that separates us from God. God is so perfect He can’t be around sin. Yet, God is so perfect He made a way for us sinners to reconnect with God, even caught in our sinful state. That way is JESUS.

I really encourage you to read scripture if you have access to a bible, start with the Gospel of John. I use a NASB, but KJV is a good one. If you want modern language, an NIV is okay. In studying scripture one should use multiple translations but definitely stay away from the Passion Translation, New World Translation, and the Mormon version of the KJV. These Bibles were twisted to fit man-made doctrine that doesn’t line up with the totality of scripture and what the original languages meant.

Google, in many countries, still gives access to reading Bibles online. You cannot get to God apart from His Word. You can’t draw conclusions about God without knowing what He met to convey through His Word. If you read the Bible with a modern bias, yes, you may think God is unfair, but God is just and perfect. How we judge what is fair is actually wrong because God is the only one who can fully discern what is morally right and morally wrong.

If you’re already a believer and you already know this, well, I hope all of this encourages you to be salt and light in your daily life. You don’t need to be a scholar to share Jesus, you just need to be sincere.

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