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Maybe you’ve read “Elle Remixed,” or maybe you haven’t, but you’re here now, so you have every reason to enjoy the journey of the THIS series!

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In the distant but not too distant future, America experiences Civil War II, dividing the West and East Coasts into separate nations. In the East, a very liberal, communistic state called the Democratic Coalition of America. The Republic of America claims to be a more unrestrained and libertarian state yet is a unique conservative oligarchy in the West.

Before Civil War II, three great spies protected America as an extraordinarily elite clandestine team. It was a CIA and NSA joint task force. Zave and Mara worked for the CIA, while Ben worked for the NSA.

Zave started as an analyst for the CIA, his brother Houston was a spy, and his father was the Director of the CIA. Trying to impress his father, Zave went into the field without permission to obtain next-gen tech. 

Events transpired, forcing Zave to use this tech for himself before delivering it to his dad, altering his DNA and brain chemistry, giving him an alter ego that was the ultimate superhuman spy. Mara and Ben were assigned to be his handlers. It was during this time, Zave and Mara fell in love.

In time, they dated, got engaged, and they got married. Still, she was experimented on during one of Mara’s deep covers, and she got retrograde amnesia… forgetting that she ever fell in love with Zave. Together they eliminated the enemy that stole her memory, but the Dawn of Civil War II unforeseeably sent them down different paths. 

It wasn’t until weeks on her own, barely surviving the gritty Civil War II, Mara discovered she was pregnant. She was forced to work for the RA during her pregnancy, and not seeing her circumstances changing any time soon, she gave birth to her daughter and left the child with someone she thought she could trust.

But the friend (Sam) turned out to betray Mara, working for a criminal underground syndicate called Spectrum. The child proved to be unique like her father and was raised to be the ultimate assassin/spy for the crime organization.

“Elle Remixed” begins with 16-year-old Elle about to kill her first mark as a red test to prove her field readiness for Spectrum. She fails, unable to take out the person she was assigned to assassinate, which was a good thing because that person turned out to be her mother, Mara.

Typically, an organization terminated their assassins who failed to follow through, but Elle was an investment they couldn’t afford to waste. Especially since Milo, a 5-year-old assassin in training, wasn’t what they wanted to wait for another decade. They were going to give her a second chance to follow through.

Milo orchestrated the perfect escape from Septrum’s cage-like training facility, and they both ran away from Spectrum.

In the DCA of all places, the two kids find refuge with Elle’s parents Zave and Mara. However, knowing it wasn’t safe there, Mara bravely journeys with the children to the RA to meet up with Uncle Ben. When Zave defeated Spectrum, he’d reunite with Mara, Elle, and Milo.

Should ELLE return? Help me decide by voting below. If we reach 100 votes for yes, I will write more! (Yes, I’m prepared to keep this commitment. The Lord wants our yes to be yes and our no to be no.)

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