Elle – Part 12


“Ten fingers and ten toes… he’s perfect…,” Rex said, holding his newborn son swaddled in his arms. 

Elle wasn’t really exhausted or in that much pain from a few hours of labor. Give her another couple of hours, and she was ready to go for a run.

Having a child only a year into marriage wasn’t the plan, but she had no regrets.

Mara and Zave were clear. Milo would continue to be Elle’s brother. She didn’t ask to be his mother; therefore, there was no requirement to make her his mother. Though, if Milo had to choose who’s authority he would listen to between Mara and Zave or Elle and Rex, it would probably be whatever Elle wanted him to do. But Milo was good; he continued to blend in, and seemed to enjoy being a part of a regular family.

“How about Richard Jr.?” Rex suggested, for a name.

Elle winced at the thought of calling a child junior as she sat up in their queen-size bed, where just hours before, she gave birth to the nameless Jakes Baby.

“How about Charles?” Elle threw out there.

“Chuck Jakes? Maybe…” Rex said. 

He scooted closer to Elle and propped himself up against the headboard just as she rested her back against it for support. “What about Wace Charles Jakes?”

“You want to name him after my dad?” Elle was surprised.

“It’s not like we’re naming him Theus, and Wace sounds so cool.” 

Her husband had a point.

Elle rested her chin on her husband’s shoulder, staring at the creature their love made. She still couldn’t get over the fact that she carried that child in her womb for nine months. The doctor who knew Elle’s background and had extensive knowledge in the fringe sciences used to make Elle who she was, said there was no way of knowing how any children she had with Rex would be impacted. There was a chance some of them could become superhuman like she and Milo, or they could be perfectly normal. She prayed daily for this child, and all her children, to be normal like Rex. She had to trust God that he heard her plea and was just to grant her petition. Only time would tell as the little tyke grew.

For the longest time, Elle thought she was born the way she was, but the files Zave and Mara found last year indicated her DNA only made her the perfect subject to become the super spy they wanted her to be. They made her superhuman just like they did to Milo.

“What about Charles David Jakes?” Elle wondered how Rex liked the sound of that name.

“Sweet! We can call him CD. Does this mean he’ll be musical like me?”

Elle laughed at her husband. He was definitely not mature enough for parenthood yet. She added, “CDs won’t even exist when he’s old.”


Rex hopped into the speed boat after Milo. All Elle wanted to do was cry. She feared history would repeat itself and she would spend years without her husband and her child in her life, but now wasn’t the time to be emotional. She kissed CD on the forehead and then carefully lowered him into Rex’s reaching arms, who securely took the baby from Elle.

“Your parents said they could handle this. You can still come with us.?” Rex shouted trying to talk over the explosions and the fun fire noise in the background.

“When it’s finished. I’ll find you. I promise.” Elle said.

Then she jolted up on her feet and sprinted away from the dock without looking back. She rushed for one place she knew the Director would be: her house on the mountainside.

She finally figured out what type of house was her dream home. A cabin built away from everyone, high up on the mountainside. One would think growing up inside a mountain, beachfront property would be more appealing to Elle, but she learned that things associated with her trauma didn’t have to remain awful. If in her liberty she found mountains to be awesome, she would enjoy them and thank God she was free from her past.

Sam was more significant to the Director’s crime syndicate than he’d like to admit. Some only served in Spectrum because they were loyal to Sam and her vision, even though she was only the Director’s right hand. A civil war broke out after her death, and even now, the Director struggles to stay in power. He needed Elle and Milo back.

Elle and Milo were the only successes of the Director’s experiments to make super spies. The test tube babies before Milo were failures, stillborn. Milo’s file indicated a girl successfully born before him, but she was more savage than human. As she grew older, they couldn’t control her, so they killed her.

Less than an hour ago, Spectrum swooped in from the sky. Everyone was at the Wace house celebrating Zave’s birthday when Elle, Zave, and Milo heard parachutes open up. Next, gunfire hailed from above into the house. Everyone followed the protocol in the event Spectrum ever showed up to Crown Vic. Elle and Rex kept spare go-bags at Elle’s parents’ house and Rex’s parents’ house, just for scenarios like this.

Zave and Mara collected Milo with his go-bag ready and got him and Elle’s family down to the basement to take the emergency escape tunnel to the marina.

Elle said goodbye to her parents and fully planned on listening to their instructions by just running away with her family. But if they failed to kill the Director and finally take down Spectrum, she would constantly be on the run with her family, and she couldn’t subject them to that. 

Fully armed men and women surrounded her home. With that much protection, the Director for sure was inside.

She didn’t have a plan. She knew the Director didn’t want to kill her, but if he had to he would and just harvest her eggs. She didn’t know what to do.

That was it, and the Director didn’t want to kill her. She could play the long game. She could surrender and wait until his guard was down and take him out. But he would probably see that coming. He would just capture her and try to mind-control her, and when that failed, he would just experiment on her until she died. She needed a sniper rifle, and she had to take the shot herself.

Unexpectedly, as she hid in the landscape of the Hawaii Tropical Jungle, the Director stepped outside of the house, in total, black body armor, with a hostage… her mother. He held her at gunpoint. Did he know she hadn’t run away already?

“Come out, Theus! If you don’t come with me, your wife will die, and I will track down Elle and her little family. I will make her watch me kill her husband and her son. Then, I will take her to my brand new lab, and I will turn her into a mindless puppet to do my bidding, and in time I will own the world. There will be no government on earth not under my influence. If you surrender, your wife, daughter, and adopted son will be left alone… With you, I could do more than I ever could with-,” and before he could finish describing his diabolical plan, a bullet pierced through his forehead and blew out the back of his brain.

Mara secured his gun to prevent any misfires as his body fell limp to the ground. All of Spectrum’s people pointed their weapons at Mara, about to fire when pelts of gunfire took out the men and women seconds later, leaving her untouched.

Feeling like it was safe, Elle ran out to her mother to rejoice the battle was over.

“Mom! You did it!”

“Elle, what are you doing here?! Go back! It’s not safe,” Mara hollered.

Elle froze just as the tip of a gun was pressed to her back aligned with her heart.

“I’m sorry, Mara, I never wanted to meet my niece like this, but for the DCA to rise to power and to be taken seriously, we need a spy like Elle.”

Uncle Houston Wace, the super-spy without any enhanced powers. Wasn’t he retired?

Knowing she was faster than he could pull the trigger, Elle took the chance and spun around. She knocked the pistol out of his hand in nearly a flash and punched him in the face. He stumbled back, almost losing his footing. She was about to pack a fatal kick to break his neck when Theus swooped in and kicked Elle in the gut with enough force to knock on her back. She hit the dirt ground hard. Fighting against her father or Milo was the only time she didn’t feel superhuman. She imagined her pain was similar to that of an average human when counterattacked.

“No, Arielle. If you kill him, Mara dies,” Theus said. His demeanor was wildly different than her dad’s. He was another person.

“I’ll make a fair deal. You come with Theus and me, Elle, and your mother, and your family lives.”

*Edited by Aly Fry

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