RMC wants to bring wildly entertaining content to you without compromise.

What does that mean?

Essentially, we want to create various forms of media, healthy to digest, abstaining from corrupting or tempting minds to venture into places they ought not to go while being just as good or better than current entertainment today.

The owner and the independent contractors that work at RMC have 9-5 jobs as we wait for this business to go places!

This means our budget is a bit tighter than we’d like right now.

However, you can help, if you want to.

No need to gamble and invest in what could potentially be a flop. Instead, buy great merch to enjoy in the meantime.

Seasonally, we will launch collections with a specific goal for the profits to fund all things RMC-related or something close to RMC’s heart like a great charity or worthy cause. This means, the designs you see will only be available for a limited time.

If you cannot support us right now through buying great merch, we understand. If you’re a fellow believer, we could definitely use the prayer. Also, follow us on social media (FB: @ReverentialMediaCompay & IG: @reverentialmediacompany) and subscribe to the website to stay up-to-date about everything we’re up to these days!

As often as you can, stop by this page to see the Collections in play and the upcoming ones. Each collection will clearly define the goals we plan to reach through your support.

Live Now

Verse 1 (Available OCT 23 – DEC 23)

This collection was inspired by a few psalms. All three are from some favorite scriptures of our founder: Brianna Monique Williams. The design concept was slightly inspired by the vibrant colors of the 1980s, along with geometric patterns, to create a modern look.

The PATH T-Shirt design uses part of Psalm 16:11, “You make the path of life known to me”. A tree, in the middle of the desert, is at the center. The idea behind this shirt is when you’re in a wandering season, unsure where to go or what to do, the Lord makes the path of life obvious. Of course, the entire Psalm is really rich but too long for a whole shirt to display.

The HELP T-Shirt design uses part of Psalm 121:2, “My help comes from the Lord”, and again, little snippets of scripture cannot compare to reading verses in context.

Finally, but not least, the BETTER T-Shirt design comes from a part of Psalm 63:3, “Your love is better than life” and it depends on what translation you read to get the word “love” but “love” was for sure the best word to use in this instance.

All these shirt concepts were made thinking of the struggles life throws us into, and yet, the Lord carries us through them. Many times going through the valley doesn’t feel like a victory. Often, it feels like defeat. Enduring until the end is the motto we must cling to, for Christ and Christ alone is reason enough to endure anything harsh, unfair, or terrible.

Thankfully, the Lord is good and we see good things in the midst of the chaos around us.

The funds from Verse 1 are going to projects for 2023 as we launch Phase 1 in pieces.

Collections Coming Up


The funds will go towards RMC website maintenance, hiring staff, marketing & branding, and RMC-centric projects.

214 A

To celebrate the establishment of RMC, special designs, at special rates, the profits will go between charity and supporting entrepreneurs.


Teaming up with a local photographer, in the great state of Arizona, we will bring you great designs. Profits will go to the photographer and toward RMC projects.

Help us reach 500 sales for The Verse 1 Collection.

For Shoppers

  1. Follow us on social if you’re not already.
  2. Buy at least one t-shirt.
  3. When it arrives in the mail, show it off on social IG, FB, Twitter (you can share on TikTok but we’re not there). Show us the unwrapping process or show us how great you look in it.
  4. Tag a friend on your post that you think could use some encouragement right now.
  5. Use any or all the following #s: #theunveiling2023 | #reverentialmediacompany | #verse1rmc | #pathrmc | #helprmc | #betterrmc | #rmc214

For Followers

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For Both

  1. Follow us on social if you’re not already.
  2. Buy some merch.
  3. Share a post about The Verse 1 Collection.
  4. Share a post of you wearing or unwrapping merch from The Verse 1 Collection.
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From the participants- shoppers and followers or both- we will select some winners for some random (but really not-so-random) giveaways. [More details about this to come on 20 NOV 2022.]

We totally understand we have much to prove. Intentions are great but follow-through is what counts. But it’s time to make every moment of every day count. In the big and the small ways, make every day honor the Lord with the love He calls us to.

Come back in the future for updates about the Collections at RMC.

[Last updated 30 OCT 2022]

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