Books by Brianna Monique Williams

Stories that entertain without compromising faith.

Just Tru

In Book One, the youngest daughter of televangelist Dr. Abe North attended Valiant University for college. As she pursued a degree in fine arts, something happened she was determined to avoid, and she fell in love. Slowly she discovered secrets about her family. Would love conquer all?

That’s Vera

In Book Two, Tru’s sister Vera handled her sister’s Bible College years differently. Visit life in the North House, from the second to youngest sister’s perspective.

Very Ethel

In Book Three of the North Sisters’ Saga– journey through life in ministry with a two-time cancer survivor. Constantly before the camera, Ethel faced immense pressure to display her deepest devotion to Christ during her biggest crisis of faith.

Loyal Margot

The eldest sister, Margot knew everything about the ministry, and about her family. Everything rested on her shoulders to ensure Dr. Abe North’s legacy prevailed. In Book Four, while Tru was away at college, Margot fought to protect the name of Abe North.

On Booknet (which is a platform much like Wattpad), “Just Tru” under the name of “A Digital Age Courtship” got over 35,000 views from 2018-2021.

In the early days, the book was met with many praises from readers.

The story “Just Tru”, when on Booknet, climbed the top 100, breaking the top 25 in New Contemporary Romance in its final weeks on the website.

The series confronts the woes of Celebrity Christianity and the fame and embarks on the bonds of family, friendship, and love.