A Story I Wrote…


I may have mentioned this before or maybe I didn’t. But forever ago, I wrote a story using someone I considered a little sister to me as the inspiration for the main character. It was sort of a piece of fan fiction, in a borderline creepy way, but she wanted me to write this story.

It all came from the fact I forgot how to play that game MASH with a friend in middle school. It was this game where you tell your friend your dream car, house, ideal guy, and how many kids you want and then after doing something with your fingers and some folded up paper, you would predict the type of fantasy future they would have… I learned it at church camp.

My friend knew of the game too, but also forgot how to play it, so then we made our own game. Except really, we took all the factors we wanted part of our dream future, and told the other friend a story using those factors, but with a twist, we added our own elements that weren’t expected or necessarily wanted.

Well, one day I wanted I decided to write a version of this game for my friend before I saw her next and without us talking to each other for weeks, when I read her my story, she told me some things did come true. It was coincidental in my opinion, but it was exciting to pretend I wrote the future.

I told my “little sister” friend this and she wanted me to write one for her. So I did, but I wanted to inspire the young lady to be more “on fire for the Lord”. Yes, this was during my “heresy years”.

So in the #StorySundayRecap below, you can read that story. It’s purely fiction, the theology in it is off, and only one thing half came true but it was coincidental.

Read at your own risk:

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