Confessions of a Valor Alumna

From 2011 to 2020, I was caught up in a blend of two movements: the Word of Faith and the New Apostolic Reformation. I grew up with a Methodist (before they went woke), Baptist, Non-Denominational background. Unfortunately, I didn’t read my Bible as much as I should have and I wasn’t an active member of a local church consistently growing up. I don’t think this made me any less saved or that I was ever a false convert. I genuinely believe I was in a wandering season, somewhat of a prodigal daughter. Maybe more like a confused Israelite mixing false … Continue reading Confessions of a Valor Alumna

Just When You Think It’s Over

Just when you think it’s over, there’s more… I spent nearly a decade in the Word of Faith Movement, the building block of the New Apostolic Reformation. During the pandemic, I realized my theology was a trainwreck. I detangled the truth from the lies, finding a better foundation to build my faith, and repented from the heretical doctrine I once believed. From late 2020 to early 2021, I did a series called: Confessions of Valor Alumna, exposing the bad theology taught by Rod Parsley, the founder of Valor Christian College. I truly thought I said all I had to share … Continue reading Just When You Think It’s Over