About that Promised Series…

So last year, back in October, I promised to deliver vlog/podcast series called “Should Christians…” and it was going to be an evaluation type of thing of what people who call themselves Christians should do.

I had it all planned out. I even recorded a few episodes.

Yet, nothing has been delivered because I’ve been completely at a standstill.

My personal life has a lot going on right now, and frankly, I don’t feel like I’m anyone to be providing guidance to anyone.

We’re all broken messed up people and there is only one point in life that counts: and that is believing the Gospel and living your life based on that central belief.

If you’re a fellow saint, prayers would be appreciated.

I do want to podcast or YouTube or something, I just really haven’t figured out about what yet.

Therefore, I’m canceling another series before I share it with the world! Not surprising there, lol!

Thanks to those who keep checking in. More to come out soon.


Brianna Monique Williams

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