Coming 23 OCT 2022

Hey there folks!

Many people from all over the world, visit this website. Often for the posts and the articles that were part of BMB (

In the future, there will still be articles and posts created by Brianna Monique (aka me) to enjoy to fuel faith and inspire creativity. Yet, pressing forward, the main goal of the site will be the hub for REVERENTIAL MEDIA COMPANY, with access to insider information and the merch shop.

Yet, for a multi-media company, we’re only operating on one medium primarily right now and that is this website with blog posts. But next year, HUGE THINGS are taking place and we don’t want you to miss a thing!

To sort of grasp what RMC strives to do check out the post THE CONVERSION OF BMB.

At the beginning of 2023, THE UNVEILING will offer more about what we’re here to do, please subscribe on the HOMEPAGE for the premiere details.

We are unashamed of the GOSPEL and while we still can, as a company based in the USA, we’re going to use imagination to share the simple truth of the universe: GOD is real, He has a name, and the GREAT I AM is Jesus.

That being said, we’re Americans. We love books, cinema, food, streaming services, music, and more. We want to help create some great entertainment, that engages and educates without compromising morals.

Yes, Pureflix exists, but we see they’re going to push for ecumenicalism now that they are owned by Sony. Basically, Pureflix will push this narrative that all heretical and seemingly sound forms of Christianity are okay and all heretics and true-appearing believers should worship God together. But in time, this all-inclusive Christianity will agree that all religions and faiths can worship a mysterious god that affirms all belief systems.

The CHOSEN as well pushes for ecumenicalism and the creators of the show affirm New Age heresy that leaked into the church and some of these creators call the LDS brothers and sisters in Christ. Not to mention, the actor who plays Jesus is Catholic! He uses his role and his platform to show off his religion.

Now, to the Catholics out there… I love St. Patrick. I am grateful for the work he has done. Catholicism though is wrong because the religion teaches practitioners to ask the dead (the Saints) or angels for protection instead of God and teaches adherers it is by works and loyalty to the church they are justified not by Christ and faith in Him alone.

Any religion that doesn’t promote the gospel supported by scripture needs to be rejected and not practiced.

Also, the times are growing dark. America is in the midst of societal change and it will either make us stronger or weaker when the transition is finished. Hoping for the best, but still planning for the worst, RMC wants to provide entertainment (mostly) free from political agendas and when possible, break into show biz for kids where it is wildly entertaining without compromise.


Now, there will be more in the FUTURE laying out the plans, explaining our history, and telling our story.

Right now, however, this is where we stand:

We’re a multi-media company with nearly 10 projects slated for next year. Everyone at RMC works 9-5 jobs and we pour our own money into what we’re working on. We could do SO MUCH more if you pitch in and help! We don’t accept donations, but you can scroll through the shop when it’s up and what you like and you can afford, buy! Each product will tell you where the funds will be allocated.

Until the shop is live again, if you’re a believer, pray for us that we accomplish all we set out to do to honor the LORD. Also, follow us on social media! Right now, we’re on Facebook as @ReverentialMediaCompany and on Instagram as @reverentialmediacompany. We most likely won’t join TiKToK. And find out soon if we’ll be on Rumble or YouTube or both! The first 100 FB followers and 100 IG followers will get an exclusive deal available in 2023 for a product involved with our biggest project next year! You’ll know you’re a winner by getting mentioned on the FB page or mentioned in a story, saved to a highlight on IG.

What does everything above have to do with what comes out OCT 23 2022?

It all has a lot to do with what rolls out Sunday, the 23rd of October.

So please, subscribe now to the site, follow us on social, and be ready for the BIG NEWS!

Are you one of the first 100 to follow?

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