The END of Jude Priestly Journals

It’s no secret that I’m constantly on the fence about THE JUDE PRIESTLY JOURNALS.

At one point, I sort of boasted how well I honor God with series. How arrogant of me?! 

After some praying and a little reflecting, I’ve come to the conclusion the series is unbiblical and I should never write another installment.

I agree it was a wildly creative story with many elements that were God-honoring, but by fictionalizing a Modern Day Samson, I embellished the truth about the Real Samson, and that lacks a ton of reverence for God. It was wrong of me to ever write the series.

I wanted to make something like the TV Series Supernatural that Christians could enjoy without having to fill their eye-gate with evil.

But what a feeble, futile attempt.

Those who love God are called to “hate what is evil” (Proverbs 8:13), and not indulge in an acceptable amount of evil just because good is victorious most of the time.

If you’re reading this post, it means Jude Priestly Journals is gone from the website.

Maybe you never read the series and you have no idea what I’m talking about, and that is fine. You’re not missing anything. Well, truthfully, there were some AMAZING CHARACTERS in the series, but overall the series didn’t hold God’s Word or God’s people in the highest esteem.

I’ve asked God to forgive me and I hope you can forgive me– for even writing anything so heinous against God’s Word, even though I had good intentions, that doesn’t matter.

Thank you for participating in following the blog and joining the journey for RMC! None of this is possible without you!


Brianna Monique Williams

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