The Conversion of BMB

If you follow the blog, you’ve seen quite a difference.

Typing in the web browser brings you to the website of the NEW multi-media platform: Reverential Media Company.

When you click the about page, you’ll read a factual blurb of what RMC technically is about, but you won’t read the heart of what RMC is. The reason for that is simple. What RMC is and what RMC does is too vital to convey through words on a screen in the palm of your hand.

The story of RMC deserves a captivating visual that will tantalize your eye gate and engulf your ear gate.

To uncover what RMC represents and how RMC will serve you, prepare for the #UNVEILING2023. Sign up to receive updates on the homepage.

I can, however, tell you WHY the conversion of the site took place now.

I was tired of waiting for someday. Someday I’ll have all my affairs in order to fulfill my dream of making entertainment that engages and educates. Someday I’ll have enough courage. Someday I’ll be motivated enough. Someday I’ll do it.

One day a couple of weeks ago became SOMEDAY.

Resources are limited since this is only the beginning. But someday, the resources will be plentiful. Until then, today, will you put a little faith in me?

Don’t worry. I won’t ask you to buy something. Inflation is impacting everyone, but if you see merch you like in the shop, I will gladly thank you for getting some of your RMC swag! I’m asking for prayer. If you’re a fellow saint, who loves film, tv, comic books, and books, and PUREFLIX doesn’t cut it for you, then please– pray.

I may have wanted fame when I was a kid, but honestly, that is the last thing on my mind now.

I want to be a winner.

A winner of what?


Person-to-person is the best form of evangelism in my book. Yet, screens rule the present age. I’m blessed to live in a country where I am free, for now, to spread the Gospel.

Except, I’m not going to just follow the traditional direct method.

I am going to be persuasive in a Hollywood fashion with the Gospel. And no, I’m not going to make the 50-Shades-of-Grey for Christians. No, I’m not going to build my own idol of Jesus and call that thing “authentic”. With straight-up fear of the Lord, I’m going to make content that captures your attention, entertains, and also shares the truth with you. The truth will be used to convey truth, instead of lies presented as truth such as Hollywood does.

While you’re watching something RMC made on your phone or in your living room, it’s SOOO GOOD, your unsaved loved ones start watching it with you, and the truth that bleeds from the screen into their minds and makes them contemplate the reality of God and you, as their fellow loved one, you get the opportunity to share the Gospel with them. Because you are the person God has called to be a vessel to your unsaved loved one.

Yes, saints, we know that ultimately Jesus saves. It is by the grace of God we are saved. The pressure is all on the Gospel to save, but you are the letter that bears the words of our Father’s message. You, sincere in your devotion to Christ, flaws and all, are the vessel God chose to share the good news about His Son- JESUS.

I would love to promise you right now that by 2024, RMC can make an incredible blockbuster to rival the likes of Marvel, but let’s be humble and real… it will take time to build cinema magic.

Part of the reason is that I’m still crafting my skills. Another reason is that it takes an army to do great things.

RMC is small. One person, full-time. Two more people as independent contractors who believe in RMC.

Dear saint, pray that RMC grows, pray that RMC successfully flourishes through each phase of the goals set in place, and pray for connections, opportunity, and capital. Pray for God’s plan to unfold.

And over the next few months, expect to hear all the plans for things to come through RMC.

For now, if you can’t buy merch to support RMC. You can connect with us on social media: RMC is on FB as @ReverentialMediaCompany and on IG as @reverentialmediacompany. Other socials coming soon. Share RMC’s posts and stay connected with everything RMC is doing.

With RMC I’m doing things in completely unconventional ways. But RMC isn’t just a film production company, it’s a multi-media company.

Becoming a writer was the first dream I ever had. The second was a singer. The third was an actor. And not until I grew up did I envision the dream to become CEO of a media company.

Truth be told, life could happen, and RMC flops, or the LORD changes my course. Let the Lord’s plan prevail. Amen.

But I’ve literally spent a decade running away from pursuing what RMC is becoming, and I’m done. Everything in life is vain when everything you do isn’t to revere God.

Come snatch people out of the licking fire of hell with me.


Thank you.

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