I Identify As…

I’ve talked about it before. On my Jesus Stories Podcast, I made a YouTube video, and I don’t shy about talking about it in real life. In case you don’t know, though, from the age of 8 years old into my twenties, I lived with gender dysphoria. I despised my femininity, and I desired to be “one of the boys.” As I got older, I developed same-sex attraction.

That changed, though, on election day evening, 2012… At this point in my walk with Jesus, though I was following heresy, I knew enough from God’s Word homosexuality wasn’t right therefore changing genders wasn’t okay either. People who refuse to hold to a biblical view on gender and sexuality will make weak arguments saying the Bible doesn’t talk about transgenderism and homosexuality couldn’t be practiced because life expectancy was short and humanity needed to procreate. There’s actually a ton more. I’ve heard a Lutheran Minister (from the reformed, LGBTQIA+ affirming branch) say that because we don’t follow the Mosaic Covenant dietary restrictions, we don’t need to pay any attention to the scriptures on homosexuality.

I’m not going to make a case for whether or not Christians need to follow Torah and eat kosher. What I’ll point out is that when you’re born-again, you received the Holy Spirit, you get a new nature, and if you truly love the Lord, the Spirit reveals His heart to you, and you get convicted and realize the LGBTQIA+ lifestyle is wrong. Not only does it go against biology (transgenderism), but it is clearly not God’s design for humanity.

The New Testament does acknowledge that homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God (1 Corinthians 6:9-10). As to where the New Testament doesn’t really stress the Mosaic Law Diet of Kosher Eating so much. Though, if you do the research, a kosher diet is very healthy.

But that night, I got set free from my gender dysphoria and same-sex attraction. For nearly a decade now, I’ve finally enjoyed my womanhood, and though I’m single, I’m hopeful I may be married one day.

If you want to hear my testimony in-depth, you can check out the podcast version or the video version linked below.

I hope not any time soon, but one day around the world, it may be hate speech to tell people the Gospel Truth. Sometimes sharing your testimony as a former LGBTQIA+ member is nerve-wracking, but folks, we do it because we want to remind people of God’s goodness. We want others who love Jesus to humble themselves and see the truth too.

BMB and RMC is not a ministry. Just a blog and a small multi-media company. I’m only a dreamer-become-doer with big dreams.

The Shop is under maintenance right now, but when it’s finished, there will be some opportunities for you to buy some merch that will fuel what RMC strives to do: make great content for you!

I once worked for a heretic in his media production ministry. I watched him use God’s Word and twist it to tell people what they wanted to hear, playing off their fears, hopes, and dreams all to fill his pocket. And yeah, that money wrote my check and other employees, that money made that ministry function, but ultimately it was to make him a profit. He pimped out Jesus for his own selfish gain.

That reason is above why I don’t feel comfortable launching my own ministry or nonprofit company. I prefer a business model with a product-subscriber structure. If you like what I provide, you’ll spend your money on it, if you don’t, you won’t. I can sleep easily at night that I didn’t get a single mother to give the last penny she had to believe she is blessing God’s kingdom by giving to me.

Yet, as you can see on this blog, I love Jesus. He is everything to me. Even my creativity is rooted in Him. So understand, these T-Shirt designs are multi-faceted with intent: to honor the Lord, to spread Gospel Truth, to benefit you, to inspire your faith (at whatever level- nonexistent to radiant), and to gain a profit. I’m honest. I pray there is a day that what I create will be sought after. Until that day, anyone who supports here and now, during the trench days. Not only do I SAY THANK YOU, but I say it again, thank you!

And if you, too, are transformed by God’s love, and you have repentant from an LGBTQIA+ lifestyle, and you feel like you are alone still and on the struggle bus, please don’t hesitate to reach out, and I will send you some resources I trust to help you on this journey. But honestly, the best thing is being plugged in and involved with a body of believers, reading your Word constantly, praying, and basically just testifying as often as you can. Live out your faith! And yes, the battles will come, the temptations might flare up, but run your race well and know that when you cross the finish line, and you’re with our Savior in eternity, you labored not in vain!

Check out the latest merch in the shop! Our “Verse 1 Collection” is only available now through Dec 23rd, 2022. When you buy your T-Shirt, you will support projects we are currently working on, set to be released next year.

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