A Story I Wrote…

“The Swan of Hollywood” was inspired by someone I worked with, but recently I discovered some not-so-great things about this person, and they are unrepentant for their actions. Therefore, no one will be able to read the story again. I’m pulling it down from the website. Unless this person becomes repentant.

This may seem like a strange thing to do. And true, no one is perfect. But this person did something immoral, unethical, and illegal. The statutes of limitations have run out to be tried for the crime, I think, but all and all, had I known this person was guilty of their criminal activity, the story would probably not exist.

Now, that being said, the story is pretty great, if the person openly admits their crime and repents and dedicates their life back to Christ, then maybe the story will be out there again. I really don’t know.

Instead, check out the elle:remixed below:

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