Valor Was the Reason I Blogged

In the video below, watch the real reason “Why Exists?”

Were you part of the hyper-charismatic movement and you believed outlandish things God had planned for your life? Now, you’re delivered from deception and you have a story to tell? I want to listen to your experience and if you’re willing, perhaps you can share your perspective to help with a project I hope to do.

There are a ton of exposing ministries out there that name-names and call out heretics, and those ministries are fine. I have nothing against them, in fact, they helped me get set free from the snare of deception that entrapped me. But I aim to create content that can help people seeking an “out” without having to name-names but rather show the pattern of heresy that can exist so-called Western Christian Churches today.

I am no one special. I have zero scholarly credentials. I’m just a woman that reads her Bible (well, I’m starting to anyway).

I can’t promise my desire to make this project will be fulfilled, but anything you share in confidence will stay with me, unless you express I have your permission to share it, should it be necessary or relevant.

Let’s start the conversation. Please contact me using the form below, if you feel inclined to take this journey with me.

Again, thank you for checking out this post and following what happens on this blog!

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