Why Should Believers be Pro-Life?

In high school, I was completely indoctrinated by the leftist-agenda. I was taught in my electives through “Life Skills” and “Sex Ed” to be Pro-Choice, an LGBTQIA+ Ally, and fed the lie that Tolerance Culture was Real Love. It was the pre-dawn of Cancel Culture

As a woman of color, I was pro-choice, I was an ally for the LGBTQIA+ and I was timid in my faith for Christ Jesus to the point I didn’t contend for the faith, so I blended in with the Tolerance Culture.

My reasons for being pro-choice wasn’t like everyone else though. I figured God could forgive the women for their abortions when they asked for it as they repented. And though I believe that is 100% true, when a woman is genuine in her repentance from a past abortion… does that still excuse abortion in God’s eyes?

I’m alarmed at how progressive Millennial and Gen Z Christians are and the growing number that think abortion is okay because they look at all the things that could go wrong from an unwanted pregnancy: without an abortion the girl will stay in poverty, without an abortion the child could end up in foster care or an orphan, without an abortion the mother could die in childbirth, and the list goes on.

Imagine if God, way back in Genesis 6, when He saw humanity and regretted He ever created us, decided NOT to find Noah and preserve humans. What if He wiped us all out by water and started again with a new creature that would appease Him better? And we can’t be debased in out thinking and compare the great flood to God’s version of abortion. God is not us. He is Holy. He is just. He is God. He passed judgement on humanity. He saw that we were wicked and far from what He intended us to be. He needed to reset the world to prevent us from being too far gone that He couldn’t redeem us. The Bible doesn’t go into great detail what the world was like and exactly how humanity grieved Him so much, which I think is a grace to us, to prevent us from seeing how ugly our nature can truly get due to sin. God also had a promise to keep, about the seed of the woman slaying the serpent that deceived Eve to give us all our sin nature in the first place. If God wiped out humanity completely, then He wouldn’t be the God who keeps His Word, and therefore, He would not be a God we could trust.

There’s a movie called “Roe v. Wade”. It’s not well made, but there were so many facts in there about the case and the times that led to the Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion in America. The main character is the man that became the leading abortionist in the nation. In time, he eventually realized abortion was murder. The movie was inspired by his story and him changing his mind.

He confessed to fudging data about women dying from illegal abortions, which means they made the numbers up. Originally, feminists weren’t for abortion, but the mentee of the founder of Planned Parenthood got the leading feminists of the day to push the “My Body, My Choice” narrative. It also revealed the true intent why the mentee of the founder of Planned Parenthood wanted abortion to be legal. It wasn’t to give all women the choice to do what they want with their bodies. Like his mentor, he wanted to rid America of people of color. 

Who has the highest abortion rate in this nation? The Black Community. Where can most of the abortion clinics be found in America? Black Communities. Seems like the legacy of Planned Parenthood prevails. Next to people of color having high abortion rates are those stricken in poverty. Well, the founder of Planned Parenthood believed if you weren’t rich, your spawn wasn’t worthy of living.

(Also, I’m not naming the founder of Planned Parenthood because she is deplorable. PBS made a documentary on Eugenics for their American Experience series, click here to watch. This and the other movie I mentioned is where I got most of the info for this blurb on my thoughts.)

It is disgusting how the dead founder of Planned Parenthood triumphed in her sick work. Millennials and Gen Zers think that unwanted pregnancies keep women poverty stricken, and therefore, their children aren’t worthy of living, and this awful plague impacts communities of color the most.

No human is promised to have a happy life. Americans are lucky that even the majority of the poor have a roof over their head, they have a pair of shoes, they have a bed to sleep in, they have a refrigerator to keep their food, they have access to clean water, they are able to use electricity, they have a cellphone, and they have access to affordable public transportation… oh and means to get food every month. Is it perfect? No, but no system outside of God’s Kingdom is.

This unhealthy sense of entitlement and being told the lie that being poor in America is the worst thing in the world, fuels the advocacy of abortion.

Now, there are anti-abortion laws proposing the death penalty for women who abort their unborn children. And the pro-choicers cleverly say, “How is killing a woman for getting an abortion pro-life?”

Christians should know that the Mosaic Law (The Ten Commandments and 613 Laws Israel followed under their covenant with Yahweh), wasn’t meant to save the Israelites from their sin, it was only meant to reveal how sinful humanity was and how much they were in need of a Savior. Most of my life, I thought the law was harsh. Kids got stoned to death for disrespecting their parents and rebelling against them. A woman was killed for committing adultery (so was the man if he was married). But I started reading the sacrifices made to atone for sin in the OT this year and for the first time, I saw grace in it. First of all, the people offered sacrifices according to what they could afford, the poor used flour, the middle class used birds they could catch, and the rich used expensive, precious livestock. Secondly, there were sacrifices given for known sins and then there were sacrifices for unintentional sins committed.

What a perfect picture of what Christ Jesus did for us on the cross? As the ultimate sacrifice, He paid for all our sins past, present, and future. He paid for the sins we know we are guilty of and for the sins we don’t realize we’re guilty of committing.

God knew Israel couldn’t perfectly keep the law, therefore, He even provided grace in the Mosaic Law by demanding sacrifices for their unintentional sins. Talk about a loving God.

(Read Leviticus to learn all the stuff about sacrifices and offerings under the Mosaic Law.)

God doesn’t expect us to be perfect, but He does expect us to understand Him enough to base our moral compass on His standard of good and evil. 

Parents often focus on teaching their children what is right, and they discipline their children accordingly when they don’t do what is right. Parents don’t teach their kids what is wrong only and magically reward them if they manage to figure out what the right thing to do is. God is a Good Father, and He lets us know what His expectations are and He tells us the consequences if we continue to ignore His expectations and do our own thing. That being said, if we truly love God and not ourselves, we value what He values.

In Genesis 9:6, the concept of the death penalty was given by God, for scripture says any man that kills a man, should be put to death over the blood he shed because he killed a man made in the image of God. The death penalty is having reverence for God. Someone that ignores a human being has intrinsic value of existence and the automatic right to life, should be punished for devaluing human life because they ignore all humans are made in the image of God.

I’m aware not every person on the planet believes there is a God. But laws aren’t designed to make everybody follow the law because there will always be rebels amongst us. The law exists to have a guideline on how to deal with those who refuse to follow the order of things.

If we continue to drive this narrative that abortion is about women’s rights, what will stop society from going further? In Iceland, if it is detected in utero that a child will be born with down syndrome, the fetus is aborted. They made a law to support this practice. In Iceland, they want everyone to live their “best life” and that everyone should “know thyself”, and they believe persons with down syndrome are subject to a terrible life and aren’t worthy of the right to live.

What will stop society from ending the lives of our chronically ill, elderly, and mentally ill people?

It is already a growing, common practice to assist the elderly in suicide, but we all call it something pleasant like “euthanasia”. Soon we will do it for the sick and terminally ill. Then we will do it for those who can’t keep it together mentally. We will be our own gods and judges on this earth.

I know there are non-Christian pro-lifers out there.

Yet, if you claim to love Jesus Christ but you advocate for abortion, then you need to settle the war within yourself. No excuse, no issue, no reason has enough merit to allow abortion to be acceptable.

We should not conform to the world system by any means or any standards that go against the precepts of God.

We will forever feel like our stance for Christ is a losing battle, but in the end, and for the sake of the few who will listen, we win in the end. Exercise your choice to choose life and defend the voiceless unborn. Be pro-life saint.

*[I did not address contraception for a reason, because I don’t have a fully formulated stance on that yet. I know pro-life can umbrella the contraception debate, but for the sake of this article, it was left out.] 

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