IoM: It’s a Wrap!

Is it a terrible thing to do, to take readers on a journey, and then end with cliffhangers that offer zero resolve?

Probably, I don’t know. Okay, I don’t want to know.

The conclusions to the versions for the “Ides of March” were never finished, and never will be, yet, fear not!

I am working on a novel series that will be a completed version, incorporating many of the characters you read during this “Ides of March” Series.

I’m excited about it.

For some who have gotten to read snippets of it, they really loved it and gave some incredible feedback to make it better. I’ll probably go the self-publishing route, and that is a long road. First time published books, most of the time are not big, instant hits even for literary greats.

Like John Steinbeck. His first published novel was “Cup of Gold”. Have you ever heard of it? To be honest, I had to google it to find the title, I forgot.

Though someone says, “Of Mice and Men” and maybe the younger side of Gen Z would have no idea what you’re referring to but most people will say they have heard of it. Some may have been assigned to read it in school.

Our society is taking a great shift and most likely won’t be assigned as reading material in school now, but I don’t want to venture down that rabbit hole right now.

If you read along all month long, THANK YOU for taking the journey, and I hope you’ll be one of the first to buy the books in the novel series.

Until the next story.

Soon “The Jude Priestly Journals” (click here to read) will be returning, and Story Sunday will be back with an all new tale to tell: “Steeple/Colder” (click here for exclusive content).

If you haven’t already seen my Real Faith Reel (click here to watch), check that out when you get a chance.

April is going to look a little different than usual much like March, but all good things.

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