The Ides of March

The hour, for which we’ve waited for all month, is upon us! The crux of this entire series to be unveiled all week long or, “Before the Kalends,” is nearly the original version of “The End”.

Why do I say “nearly original version”, and not “the original first draft of ‘The End’”?

Well, there’s a couple reasons- for one: this is the original concept but with minor changes and additions. For example, I was inspired by the phonetic spelling of everyday common words and used that as headings. Two: I incorporated more alien-like things.

What you need to know for this version: Brad is actually the main character, like I originally intended, but so is someone named Emmy, who turns out to be another personoid. Sophia is a central character but so is someone named Thatcher, who was mentioned in the other variants that you read earlier this month. This version of the story also introduces characters that I never got to in the other variants because I stopped too soon. 

This concept of “The End” is called “Ende Oi’Ohp’to,” but for the purpose of the Blog I’m just calling it “Endé”. The phrase is supposed to be zylian (zill – ee – anne) for “The End Offers New Hope”, and Zylian is the language of the aliens called Zonians (ZONE- EE – ANNES). For the novel version, I changed everything completely, which will be fun to discover in the future! Won’t it? It will be, right?

I hope you enjoy this one. I think I saved the near best for last. If you’re not already, click that “FOLLOW” button and sign up to receive emails so you can stay up-to-date on the newest posts. It is very important for this series, so you could easily get confused from missing a post. To stay in the know about all blog related news and more, follow me on social media:

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*Edited by Aly Fry

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