What’s On Pause and What’s In Play

Hello faithful blog supporters!

Tomorrow, on Friday, February 26th, 2021, you won’t be reading a brand new “Elle Remixed”. Instead, you’ll get the opportunity to watch a video as I launch a whole new segment!

Fear not, Elle and Milo will be back! And I’ll let you know (when I know) when you can expect to read their journey again.

As you may already be aware that “The Jude Priestly Journals” is ON PAUSE too.

But March will be packed full of a fun, sci-fi voyage. More details about this on Sunday, the last day of February.

And soon and very soon, you’ll get to read the new #StorySundayOriginal series: “Steeple/Colder”.

If this is your first time visiting the Blog, I really recommend you check out “The Jude Priestly Journals” series edited by the brilliant Kristen Wenneborg.

I should also NOT forget to mention, I’m resuming a book I was writing on Booknet, which is like a less popular WattPad. The story, “A Digital Age Courtship”, is about the daughter of a famous preacher going to Bible College and falling in love, which leads to courtship and she gets married! I’ve written like half the story, if you want to know how it ends… find out soon… But go to Booknet, start reading the first chapter. This story has a couple characters that will appear in “Steeple/Colder”.

If you’re not following the Blog to get email updates, press the “Follow” button found to your right or at the bottom of this post. Thank you in advance for your ongoing support!

P.S.– “A Digital Age Courtship” does have some NAR/WOF/Pentecostal type theology in there, since the main character has a father that preaches such heresy, but DISCLAIMER I do not support that type of theology anymore. Plus, the ending will pack an interesting maybe not such a surprise ending now that I am aware of the truth.

Much love,

Brianna-Monique Williams

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