The Team is Growing!

Aly Fry

Left, Aly’s husband Matt. Right, Aly Fry.


Hi! My name is Alyssa Fry, but I prefer to go by Aly. I will be working as a secondary editor with Brianna Williams on her current and future projects, so let me introduce myself by telling you a little about me. I am a recent University of Arizona graduate with a Bachelors of Arts in English Literature. As a student, I worked for the Arizona Daily Wildcat doing page design. Prior to earning my Bachelors’ degree, I worked for the Aztec Press as a student at Pima Community College while completing my Associates in Liberal Arts. I made Senior reporter, then Arts and Entertainment Editor during my time there. As to my personal life, I met the love of my life back in 2016 and we have been married for almost four years. I am the mother of the smartest, sneakiest little toddler you’ll ever meet who is about to turn two. Our family is complete, for the moment, with our adorable 17 year old (at least) Pomeranian mix named Ginger. I love writing and intend on pursuing my own authorship once I can get more experience on my resume as an editor and then make money outside of my current job. I also love reading: Victorian literature, like that of the Bronte sisters, is probably my favorite. I also enjoy painting, drawing and most recently gaming with my husband. I hope that my editing will help Brianna continue to succeed in her authorship and glorify God ultimately.

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