“Life Happens” – Explained

Password removed, free for all to view now!

Okay, how do I write about this without giving away too many spoilers?!

Well, back in 2018, I found out about this contest on a new website like Wattpad called Litnet. It was the College Romance Contest.

I decided to take a chance and go for it!

I started out great, but then, as usual I fizzled out- uninspired.

However, if you know me, I don’t like to give up and throw in the towel on any concept. Things coming out on the Blog this March will prove it.

Anyhoo, until then, back to what I was saying-

I came up with this story called: “A Digital Age Courtship” and entered it into the Litnet contest. Now, we were given months to complete our stories. I still failed to meet the deadline.

You know, that typical struggle of “Is it good enough?!”, “I’ll never win the contest even if I try my hardest!”, “Blah, blah, excuses…” Plus, I got busy with work, family stuff, and well, my blog- this blog… Once I knew I would miss the deadline of the contest guidelines, I just left it alone. Life happened…

Then one day, I was like, “You can’t give up Brianna! Finish what you started.” So I made a post for the Blog and I continued it on Litnet.

But then 2020 happened, and my faith (theology) got wrecked, I lost my best friend, and then my dad died (not from covid). 

Most of the characters from “A Digital Age Courtship” were based on my idolization and positive experience being caught up in the Word of Faith/Charismatic/Pentecostal Heretical Movements. The fake Valiant University was inspired by the real Valor College. Gertrude North and the (fake) North Family were inspired by the (real) Bevere Family, founders and operators of Messenger International. Gertrude is probably the most like Alec Bevere, even though he isn’t the youngest son of John and Lisa Bevere, like Gertrude is the youngest of the North Family. All this stuff in this paragraph only matters if you know the content on my blog and these famous ministers.

That being said, I was ready to scrap the series. But then I discovered Litnet rebranded at Booknet, because well, Litnet was a name already taken in the USA. (Litnet now Booknet is originally a Russian platform.) I figured if I finished the story, I could redirect traffic to the Blog. The story did originally get thousands of views and many people liked it. 

It wasn’t until last night I got an even better idea!

I’m going to finish the heretical inspired story on Booknet. And I am going to incorporate characters from “A Digital Age Courtship” into Steeple/Colder!

And in both stories, I am going to highlight why Word of Faith/New Apostolic Reformation/Charismatic/Pentacostal Movements are dangerously heretical, but I am going to use the power of storytelling to do it.

So, if you like Bethel or Hillsong or Elevation or Life.Church, OR if you like Bill Johnson, Steffany Gretzinger, TD Jakes, Dante Bowe, Amanda Cook, Jeremy Riddle, Benny Hinn, Steven Furtick, and Joyce Meyer… You’re not going to like how either of these series’ end but you will enjoy how they start out.

In “A Digital Age Courtship”, Mountain Psalm Church is obviously supposed to be like Hillsong and the fake church is just as scandalous in the story like the real church in real life, which was before all the recent series scandals came out about Hillsong (check the dates on Booknet). My ideas of scandal were all mine to fit what I wanted for the story, they were not meant to reflect anything in real life, and they don’t entirely, but the scandals are similar.

And if anyone I know because of Valor Christian College that may be reading this, yes, I was a little inspired by the good sides of Ashton and Rod Parsley. I was really depressed when I first started writing the story on Litnet/Booknet and it was part of my healing process.

If you read the last exclusive for Steeple/Colder, you know characters in there are inspired by Valor Alumni. Maybe it is weird to admit this, but most writers base characters and stories off real life people and things. Remember though, the people who inspired certain characters, I don’t know from Adam, so all the actual details that unfold in the story are completely from my imagination.

This is probably no surprise, but Valiant University will be the same Bible College used in Steeple/Colder!

If you want to see how the two stories will converge, read “A Digital Courtship” on Booknet at:

Warning, there are typos and some bad grammar choices. I didn’t have an editor for my posts there. I have revised the chapters and I will continue to do so as I find errors.

I hope you like the story. 

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