I debated whether or not to do this…

But after much thought, even though I made my editor (Kristen Wenneborg) promise not to say anything, I’m saying something.

Much of my creative process and inspiration is drawn from people.

If you follow the blog, you know that “Because of Faith” was loosely inspired by an atheist childhood friend. “Bussing It” was inspired by a couple I observed in high school. The main character in “Byzantine Souls” was mused from my actual childhood female friend.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone, but “Steeple/Colder” is no different.

I was low key inspired by yet another couple, except this time from Bible College. Now, by “inspired”, what does that mean? Consider me Hollywood with a film that reads “based on a true story” underneath the main title, except on steroids. The only thing real when comparing my made up characters in Steeple/Colder to the real folks that led to the fictional character creations is maybe personality type and a similar parental figure here and there. Everything else is entirely made up by moi.

I never knew this couple personally. I just saw them around campus and heard rumors about them. That being said, any scandal that appears in my fictional story is entirely made up and not based on any rumors (to my knowledge ’cause I was really kept out of the loop in my Bible College days). So if we went to Bible College together, and you think you know which couple inspired this story, you’re most likely wrong (or maybe you’re right).

Now, I have no idea why my creative process works like this, but it just does…

Granted, I guess the way inspiration strikes is different because Jude Priestly isn’t really based on any real person I know, met or have heard of, but then again, he was inspired by Samson from the Bible. So was he too inspired by someone I heard of?

Let’s face it. There is nothing new under the sun! Many stories are the same just told differently from a fresh lens.

I would love to share more about this story, but I don’t want to give away too much. If you haven’t already, check out my (links to my) social media accounts to see the slideshow: “Love Happens”- sharing new details from Steeple/Colder.

FB: briannamonique.blog

IG: brianna_monique_williams

Also, there will be an important announcement connected to Steeple/Colder in the future, so be on the look out for that, for it will be crucial to read Steeple/Colder.

Until then, if you haven’t already, I highly recommend you read one of the following #StorySunday Series. See the links for the beginning of each series below:

Byzantine Souls Prologue

Bussing It Part One

Because of Faith Part One

[If any of the above three #StorySundays have typos or grammar errors, remember they were posted before the editor days… I thank you for extending grace.]

I’d like to add, I have made no assumptions about the two people who have birthed this idea in my head… for some reason, I got a story to tell, and what I saw of them were the building blocks to develop my characters and to pen this story I’ll be telling.

And aside from my editor and my momma, I’m not telling anyone else who the muses for Isabel and Jonas were, okay? Okay then.

Much love,

Brianna-Monique Williams

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