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Kristen Wenneborg

Kristen Wenneborg has been interested in writing since about the time she learned how to hold a pen and it was solidified in her love for reading. She found herself constantly writing her feelings and has been known to keep a consistent journal. This love for writing led her to create poetry and short stories, and, only recently, scripts. Professionally, she has 3 Associate’s degrees – General Studies, Pastoral Leadership, and Media and Communications. She also had the opportunity to write for Worth More Ministries in the summer of 2017 as an intern. Her career goals include writing successful scripts, autobiographical books, novels, and poetry. Her passions include reading and writing, raising mental health awareness, acting, and cosplay. 

More personally, Kristen is silly, full of life, and ready for the new adventures she is embarking on. She prides herself on being a loving daughter, sister, friend, and, excitingly, a Bride to Be! She loves Marvel, chocolate milk, pens, and her cat, Punky. She loves to laugh and will always be around as a shoulder to cry on or to give a good hug. 

Kristen’s faith is what drives her and her relationship with Christ is at the center of her life. She accepted Jesus as her personal savior when she was 6 years old and has been on her faith journey ever since. Kristen’s faith became her own as she faced certain trials in her life and it was solidified and tested at Valor Christian College where she experienced Christ’s love in ways she never had before. 

She is grateful for this opportunity to serve here with Bri and is incredibly excited to see where this new venture takes both of them on their journey. 

She recently launched her own blog called the “Happy Otter”. Below click the button to check out her amazing free prose poetry and more!

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