Meet the Priestlys

As you know, a brand new series will kickstart at the end of July.

The series will embark on a supernatural journey.

Let me introduce you to Jude the way he appears at the beginning of the story:

Frontman for Jude and the Jordans

At 18, Jude parts ways with his family in Paradise Falls, Nevada. With only $2,000 to his name, he gets a job at the Moroccan Palace Grand Hotel as a bellhop. The first time he hears an electric guitar live and in person, he becomes determined to play. Once he masters the instrument in a month, he forms a band with fellow gents he works with and who all happen to have the same first name: Jordan. The new indie rock band reaches enough success to make a living from touring, recording songs, and selling merchandise as an independent band.

He lives the life of a rocker for about 7 years before his entire existence changes.

Then we have his brother:

Levi Priestly

Levi was born two years before his baby brother, Jude. Growing up, the family traveled all over the world since his father and his mother were Modern Nazarites. As a child, he couldn’t wait for adulthood and to carry on the legacy of his family by taking the Vow, and dedicating his life to battling the forces of darkness.

Of course, who would the two brothers be without their parents:

Joshua, left and Sarah, right.

Joshua was the only child of Ezra and Asha Priestly. He was born in Tel-Aviv, Israel. His father was Israeli and his mother was Palastinian-Asian Indian. For centuries, before the birth of the Christ and after the Christ’s ascension into heaven, the Nazarite Clans have dedicated their lives to God by living set apart from society. Commissioned by God, to protect humanity from darkness and to turn hearts to the One True God.

Joshua cherished tradition and he never envisioned doing anything else with his life then being a Modern Nazarite.

He met his wife Sarah, in America, in a Mid-Western State called Ohio. She wasn’t single when they first laid eyes on each other, and though she never physically cheated on betrothed at the time, she did let her heart fall for Joshua. They were married within a month of dating.

Already privy to her husband’s calling before they wed, she gladly took the Vow, to pursue one purpose with her husband.

And a little after Jude takes the Vow:

Jude Priestly, Modern Nazarite

On July 25th, 2020, get a sneak preview of the first installment! Check back soon for more details about other characters from this upcoming series.

Before you ask, yes, all the artwork is drawn by me.

Thank you for checking out this post!

If you’re excited about this supernatural saga, and if you want, let me know in the comments. Now would be the time to follow the blog and sign up for emails, so you don’t miss a single part! Maybe you have a friend who loves this stuff too, go on and share this page with them…



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