New Supernatural Series!

I’m excited to share the details about a new saga to embark upon this lovely blog!


Picture Samson from the Bible living in our modern world. Except, unlike just retelling a biblical story in today’s context, I was really just inspired by Nazarites and my imagination got the best of me.

Now, let me clarify, in NO WAY do I think there are modern day Nazarites like Samson. Nor do think demon slayers are necessary when we have the Holy Spirit and the Name of Jesus. Like, if you’re a believer and you’re dealing with demonic activity in your life, it is as simple as calling upon the Name of Jesus for your deliverance and if you’re not getting delivered, let me ask you, “Have you repented?”

The fictional world I created for this story is like the tv show Supernatural meets the tv show Touched by Angel. Weird blend, right? But hey, that is me!

You also know, that I don’t want to write anything to go against God’s precepts. I prayed about this story and I didn’t feel convicted to stop working on this one. In fact, the more I prayed, the more excited I got about it!

Now, I didn’t read Harry Potter, but I read the Hunger Games. I watched vampire movies growing up and the original TV Show Charmed. I used to love werewolves and anything about aliens.

I don’t watch supernatural related programming or movies anymore. And I had this crazy thought, why not have a piece of fiction that is closer to truth than all this other stuff?

If C.S. Lewis could get away with writing the Chronicles of Narnia, then I can get away with The Jude Priestly Journals.

I’m also gonna be un-lazy and do some artwork for this series, so be on the look out for that.


Jude Priestly was the second born of his father, Joshua, and his mother, Sarah, which meant he never had to worry about taking the Nazarite Vow and taking over the family business. What family business was that, you may ask? You know, sending demons back to hell, breaking up covens of witches, destroying Skin Walkers, and investigating ghost sightings. Except, they don’t use spells or use ancient methods to defeat the agents of darkness. They use some practical combat moves, prayer, and occasionally, some evangelism. Also, they get their assignments from God. They don’t go looking for trouble based on rumors and folklore.

Though Jude grew up, constantly moving around the world and doing God’s holy work, he was glad his older brother Levi was expected to carry on the family legacy. At 18, he went out and found his path, forming a band, and building a solid enough fanbase to tour and to sell merch to make a living as an independent band.

Living his dream ended when he got the news his brother was murdered… which meant he had no choice. He had to take the vow, and replace his brother.


In late July, you can begin this incredible journey with Jude. If you like what you read, please share it, I don’t mind, really… Thank you! (More details to come later.)

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