Song: Can You Hear the Call

Take a listen below:

Feel free to share in the comments, or to send a message for one of the two reasons: 1) You are praying for someone you love to hear the call, OR 2) You heard this song, and you don’t believe in God, but some part of you suddenly wants to know more about God- because you heard the call!

The Gospel in a nutshell: Long, long ago, God created humanity in a perfect world. The enemy corrupted humanity by tricking the first two people. Creating this rift between God and His creation – humanity – who God made to be like Him. Thousands of years later, God became a humble man – not operating as God, but living life as a man… not a flawed, imperfect man… but like a man who knew what wrong was, but didn’t commit any wrongs. God in the form of man is known as Jesus the Messiah. Because He came and showed us how to be human, according to God’s design and NOT the enemy’s design, we haveĀ  a gift called grace and is powered by God’s presence in us (once we believe becoming born again) – that presence is known as the Holy Spirit. And Jesus was killed by the enemy, with evil’s intention to destroy the work Jesus was doing on the Earth. Little did the enemy know at the time, that attempt to undo God’s work made a way to restore humanity to that Garden-state… When Jesus died and then rose on the third day, Jesus made a way for humanity to be connected to God closing the rift the enemy made long, long ago.

Today, any human can hear the heart of God. Not necessarily through a person or a book, but from the heart. However, to receive this blessing one must believe that Jesus came, lived, died, arose from the grave, and ascended into heaven and that the road of the cross terminated humanity’s relationship with the enemy and the enemy’s ways of destruction!

It is God’s desire for all of humanity to be saved, but He will not force anyone to believe in Him. It is a choice, and to fairly give God a chance… your thoughts about Him need to be based on what God thinks of Himself… not what destructive humans think God is… There are not many paths to God. There are not more than one God. Hell is real. People who don’t choose God will go to hell after this life. No, it isn’t fair, but that is the grand design, but Jesus closes the great divide!

Take a moment, especially if you are skeptical, and ponder… “If God is real, let me hear Him call out my name.”

The best way to learn the truth about God is the Holy Bible and asking God if what you’re reading is real… Trust me though, if want to you… God’s word is real!

Much love,



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