The Edge of a Dream

Yesterday, is like walking past the same billboard I passed a hundred times.

Depending on the day, and the time, every once in a while, I notice something new I never saw before.

How yesterday was the dream come true I wanted when I was kid, or even a year ago.

Now, I’m angry.

Yesterday is gone and I am left with what remains.

Tomorrow, is like the sunrise in the horizon.

I reach out to touch the pink and peach sky,

but I can’t feel the cotton candy clouds.

Anything is possible in tomorrow, because every possible thing is what I make it.

In the future yet to happen, I am who I want to be.

Some greater, better, happier, kinder version of me.

Today is the worst and the best–

Curse and blessing–

Because today I have potential.

And today I have taken advantage of every good thing in my life.

One choice today will make my dream happen in the future.

Or one choice today will stop that dream from coming true.

Today, with tears, I am on the edge of a dream.

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