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We all know by now, I like to push the boundaries. In case you’re a first time guest, let me make it clear. I believe the Bible is authentically written by the Holy Spirit through humankind. I believe the only way to connect with the highest power known to creation is through Jesus, the Son of Man, and believing that he died on a cross, rose from the grave three days later, and ascended into heaven after 40 days with his disciples. I believe you must be born-again to have life beyond this life. I believe in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

All that being said…

I approach stories in non-traditional ways, but don’t be fooled for a second I agree with common, modern world views. My perspective of life is based on my relationship with God and what He reveals to me to be true. I believe truth is absolute not relevant. I do not base my perspective solely on what I think is right, what is tolerable, and what is acceptable. I let God determine that for me through His Word, through His Spirit, and through the authorities I submit to, to shepherd me through life.

Though my life sounds very restricting, it is quite freeing.

I make this huge statement about my affiliation of faith, because I am afraid what some may think with this next series I’m launching.

It’s Sci-Fi. It’s set in the future. And it has a society that selects their gender around their 16th birthday. Sixteen-year-olds go on a “Gender Rumspringa” and by the time their 18, they make a final choice if their male, female, anything in between, and if they need surgical help to fit the gender they choose, the government pays for the procedure.

Truthfully, I struggled with gender identity from age 8 to age 21. I hated being female and slightly desired to be male. I questioned if it was okay to feel like I felt. I wondered if what I was raised to believe was wrong. I nearly thought a Christian could possibly be gay and go to heaven one day.

I never talked to another a Christian about what I was feeling or what I was thinking. Deep down I think I knew I would have faced a lot of rejection and/or a lot of tough love a bit too coarse for me to handle. Maybe not though. Maybe God would have led me to someone for help that could have set me free sooner. I’ll never know.

I’ve believed in God my whole life. I accepted Jesus when I was six. I prayed to him every night and especially when I was going through a hard time. He is the only One I trust sharing every part of myself with, so He is the only one I sought for answers with.

Towards the end of my gender dysphoria, I got closer and closer to God. I was plagued with nightmares at night. I felt a darkness follow me. I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks. I constantly struggled with my gender identity. The closer I got to God, the more I longed to reflect His image in the earth and I knew it was impossible to do as a transgender or a lesbian. Sure, I could have twisted scripture and lived life how I wanted to, but I wanted (and still want) to represent scripture honestly. I want to live my life according to how God says I should live it, because I trust that He loves me, and His way to live life is to give me what is best for me, for His people, and for His kingdom.

Not that I want to give the whole plot away for my soon coming story… But God intervenes and wins. If you’re a believer and don’t think you can handle the content, I respect that… If you’re not a believer, I encourage you to read the four part series. And think of God as a person waiting to build a relationship with you, not an abstract thought to pondered and to be figured out and I guarantee you’ll be on the path to meet Him. If you read His Word and start to believe it, you’ll meet Him, and once you know Him, there is no turning your back on Him because He will never turn His back on you!

Be sure to check out “I.D. SYNTHESIS” very soon.

i.d. synthesis

Much love,



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